As Ebola-infected nurse Nina Pham fights for her life, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas has released a statement at her request.

Pham’s statement reads: "I'm doing well and want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers. I am blessed by the support of family and friends and am blessed to be cared for by the best team of doctors and nurses in the world here at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas."

Texas Health Resources CEO Barclay Berdan added: "The hearts and prayers of everyone at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas are with Nina Pham, and we are working tirelessly to help her in this courageous fight. The doctors and nurses involved with her treatment remain hopeful, and we ask for the prayers of the entire country."

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While Pham struggles to overcome Ebola - which has a mortality rate of 70% during this most recent outbreak that has left 4,500 dead - public health officials in the U.S. are facing increasing questions about the response to the arrival of the West African virus.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings spoke to Gretchen Carlson on The Real Story today about how the Ebola crisis is being handled in his city.

“We have got to focus first of all on the health and well-being of this new patient and the health care workers there,” Rawlings said. “The CDC is there working with the hospitals to do that.”

Rawlings added that another priority is making sure that Pham’s neighbors and neighborhood are safe and secure, in addition to those who were exposed to the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S., Thomas Eric Duncan, who was killed by the deadly virus.

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Rawlings noted that the people of Dallas have not been overly affected by the Ebola crisis, as evidenced by no disruption in business and in the attendance at a state fair, college and NFL football games and in schools.

“But people are anxious. They’re talking about it. And that’s why the correct information is really important to get out,” Rawlings said.

The Dallas Mayor also noted that Pham’s beloved dog, Bentley, is in quarantine and has been taken care of.

“That was one of the promises we made to her,” Rawlings explained. “She’s a hero. These health care workers are heroes. We want to do anything to calm her nerves and one of those things we can do is make sure her dog is safe and sound.”

Watch the clip from The Real Story above.

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