President Obama took some criticism this weekend for playing a round of golf right after news emerged that a Dallas health care worker had been infected with Ebola.

He was photographed (above) in a windbreaker in the Oval Office, getting an update on the latest Ebola case before hitting the links. 

Martha MacCallum asked Brit Hume this morning whether the criticism was justified and about the administration's overall response to the crisis.

Hume said Sunday's sequence of events "doesn't matter," but argued that the president is failing to alleviate the "alarm" felt by Americans about the deadly virus.  

He said it's "extremely unlikely" that someone in the U.S. will get Ebola, but the administration appears to be "two beats behind the music," making statements that turn out later to be untrue. 

Hume questioned the "persistent refusal" by the administration to implement a flight ban between Ebola-infected nations and the U.S., saying that action would at least help ease Americans' fears.

He pointed back to Bret Baier's interview of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, recalling that Johnson offered an "incoherent" explanation when he was pressed on why the travel ban could not be implemented. 

"It's never made any sense. Now it may, as a matter of probabilities, be unnecessary, but if you're trying to put people's minds at ease about not being able to explain why you won't do that - it seems to me - is not helping the cause," said Hume. 

Watch his full analysis above.