A bizarre story came out Sunday night during the Giants-Eagles game in Philadelphia, as police investigated the theft of a man's prosthetic leg outside the stadium. 

The man, reportedly a Vietnam veteran who performs for fans on gameday, told police a woman in an Eagles jersey swiped his leg. He described her as being drunk at the time. 

The leg was eventually recovered, but police are still searching for the culprits. 

Here's more from MyFoxPhilly.com:

The incident happened after Sonny performed on the street in the area of XFinity Live. He was entertaining the crowd when fun turned into trouble. He told FOX 29 that a woman broke his mic and stole his prosthetic leg and then ran off.

Another woman chased the thief, but did not catch her. Sonny still made it to the game to watch the Eagles pull off a shut out win, and then his night turned around. Police say they later found the prosthetic near the Olney Transportation Center.

While Sonny says this woman was having “drunk fun, she needs to learn from this.” His night could have been completely different if he did not get a prosthetic back.

“She needs to get down on her knees and pray to God that doesn't happen to her or that she doesn't get sick or become disabled. She should go ahead and use her brain for man than just a beer bottle or liquor bottle. I drink but I don't get stupid like that,” he said.

Sonny was all smiles as he left South Detectives with his prosthetic in place. He says he is still bothered by what happened to him.

South Detectives say they will try to locate the woman who did this.