Hundreds of people gathered in Sayreville, New Jersey, last night to take part in an anti-bullying rally, following the shocking arrests of seven Sayreville War Memorial High School football players who are accused of brutally hazing and sexually assaulting teammates.

Three of the players face serious charges, including aggravated sexual assault, while the other four face lesser charges of aggravated assault.

The football program has been shut down for the year by the school district superintendent, as the community reels.

Now, the question is: should these teens - aged 15-17 - be tried as adults or juveniles?

“Can we stop calling this hazing?” Paul Mecurio asked on Outnumbered today. “This was sexual assault, and the bottom line is they should be tried as adults.”

Sandra Smith pointed out that if these football players were found guilty of all charges, they would have to register as sex offenders for 15 years.

She wondered if age and ability to grow and change should be taken into account before trying them as adults for such a serious list of crimes.

“It’s not even about them changing,” Stacey Dash asserted. “Where did they learn this behavior? A sociopath does not just become a sociopath.”

“All these boys did not just do this. There were parents, there were coaches, there were adults around them. They’re kids. Someone has to take responsibility who is over the age of 15.”

Watch the clip from Outnumbered above, and tell us what you think about this question.

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