Megyn Kelly tonight spoke with Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan’s lawyer about the letter that Hasan wrote to the pope, espousing jihad.

Hasan directed attorney John Galligan to send the letter to Pope Francis, Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, and Galligan’s sister.

Though Hasan represented himself at a 2013 military trial, Galligan has served as Hasan’s attorney for the last five years.

Kelly asked Galligan if this letter makes it clear that the Fort Hood shooting was an act of jihad, not workplace violence.

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“I don’t know where they come up with the term workplace violence […] Workplace violence is not the crime with which he was charged,” Galligan said, explaining that Hasan was charged with mass murder.

According to Galligan, Hasan committed the murders because he thought he would be saving Muslim women and children in foreign lands who he feels are subject to being killed due to U.S. policies.

Galligan doesn’t think Hasan will get the death penalty because there is an 80 percent reversal rate of the death penalty in the military.

“Has he expressed any remorse to you ever?” Kelly asked.

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Galligan said he hasn’t expressed remorse in the traditional sense.

“Remorse that he didn’t kill more people,” Kelly pressed.

Galligan said Hasan wanted to demonstrate that millions of people believe U.S. policies are improper and that Sharia law is preferable.

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