New York Times columnist Paul Krugman praised President Barack Obama as a “consequential president” in a Rolling Stone article, and again on ABC News.

“Captain crazy is right,” Greg Gutfeld said tonight. “Obama is indeed the most successful leftist ever at implementing progressive ideals, enabling a country to experience the consequences of unbridled government expansion and identity politics in its purest form.”

Gutfeld said Obama placed a sixth of the U.S. economy in the hands of our government and “shifted millions of Americans into dependence mode, tethering achievers to create an illusion of equality, further atrophying the muscles of initiative.”

'Defense Trumps Diversity': Gutfeld Says U.S. Must Be United Against ISIS

According to Gutfeld, Obama got everything he wanted, “a domestically divided, globally compromised, humbled wreck of a ship.”

Now, Gutfeld said that Democratic candidates who might lose the midterm elections “are running from the president like he's the crazed drunk waving a dead cat on the subway.”

Gutfeld concluded, Obama’s achievements could be described as staggering – much like our country is now.

Gutfeld: Obama Should Focus on 'Climate of Terror,' Not Climate Change

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