President Obama insists that the American people are better off under his economic stewardship.

Critics argue, however, that the policies of the left have only deepened the hole in which average Americans find themselves. This is why many people see the upcoming election as a referendum on who is telling the truth.

From the streets of San Francisco to the coal fields of Kentucky to the oil rigs of Louisiana, Fox News travels across the country, reporting on how to restore the promise of a genuine new payday in America.

Bret Baier previewed the special on "The Real Story" Wednesday afternoon. Watch the clip above.

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Watch a sneak peek clip below from the trip to Harlan County, Kentucky, where about 2,500 coal miners have lost their jobs since 2011.

The coal business downturn is having a ripple effect on the whole area. 

Check out another sneak peek from Louisiana, where people are talking about big government and increased regulation of the energy business.