University of Kansas Hospital says it is testing a patient for Ebola.

The patient has a high fever and other serious symptoms and reportedly worked on a medical boat off the coast of Africa.

Doctor Explains Why Ebola Could Spread Through the Air

At a news conference about the nurse in Texas who has contracted Ebola, CDC Director Tom Frieden said, “We have to rethink the way we address Ebola infection control.”

On the “Special Report” panel, Steve Hayes said Frieden’s dramatic change in tone is concerning, noting that he had previously been reassuring and said Ebola is hard to catch.

'2 Beats Behind the Music': Hume Questions Obama's Ebola Response

Charles Krauthammer said we must start evacuating patients to regional centers because we can’t train every medical professional in the country, as 99 percent of that training will be wasted. He also called for a travel ban from West Africa to the U.S.

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