An intensified wave of U.S. coalition airstrikes against ISIS in the Syrian town of Kobani may finally be having an effect in the fight, as Kurdish forces attempt to keep the terror group from gaining control of the key city along the Syria-Turkey border.

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Greg Palkot reported today from Turkey, near the Syrian border, and confirmed that in the last 24 hours three more airstrikes have been launched against ISIS targets.

Now that the attacks are ramped up, they are having an effect, according to reports.

"They are serious now," Palkot said one source close to the Kurdish Peshmerga told him.

To counter these gains, ISIS - which reportedly controls more than a third of Kobani - is rushing more fighters into the city to prepare for a "major new offensive."

"This is becoming a grudge match and a very dangerous one to boot," Palkot said, adding that there was also ISIS-related violence in Iraq over the weekend in the form of a wave of deadly suicide attacks that left more than 50 dead.

"Our feeling on the ground is that ISIS wants to have it all," Palkot concluded.

Watch Palkot's full report from America's News Headquarters.