For any blood-thirsty cinema-goers out there, the new action-packed adventure "Dracula Untold" is playing in theaters around the country.

But is this a flick you can really sink your teeth into?

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On Fox and Friends Weekend this morning, Michael Tammero explained that Universal Pictures - which owns the rights to some of the great monster characters of all-time, such as Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy and, of course, Dracula - wants to create a shared cinematic universe for their many monster characters, similar to what Marvel has done with comic book characters.

Tammero revealed that "Dracula Untold" is an origin story, so it follows Prince Vlad Tepes as he makes a fateful deal with dangerous supernatural forces to protect his family.

Tammero also got a chance to catch up with the stars of the film, Sarah Gadon and Luke Evans, who dished on Evans' strenuous on-set workouts.

Watch the clip from Fox and Friends Weekend above and be sure to catch "Dracula Untold" in theaters.

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