The Seattle City Council on Monday approved changing Columbus Day to "Indigenous Peoples' Day," which will celebrate the contributions and culture of Native Americans on the same day as established federal holiday Columbus Day.

Native American groups support the move to recognize their rich history, but not everyone is happy with the change.

"This is political correctness gone berserk," Wayne Rogers said on "Cashin' In" today, asking if the next step is to change the names of professional sports teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Indians to the "Indigenous Peoples," as well.

"It's just crazy," he said.

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Michelle Fields suggested that if the "PC Police" were allowed to have their way, there would be no Fourth of July holiday, because it would be deemed offensive to British-Americans.

"It's out of control. Keep Columbus Day. It's silly," she said.

Juan Williams, however, argued that we owe a great debt to our Native American population and their important part of the collective American identity.

"I think the fact that we make progress, and we have greater awareness, that's good," Williams said.

"All I'm saying is there are more important things than this," Fields concluded. "It's crazy that Democrats - and Democrats in Congress - are making this such a big deal. Let's focus on the economy and bigger issues."

Watch the clip from "Cashin' In" above.

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