An “On The Record” investigation has led to improved signs near the California/Mexico border.

Greta Van Susteren investigated the wrong turn which landed Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi in prison. Her investigation revealed faded, graffiti-riddled signs and concrete barriers which lead up to the border of Mexico.

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California state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was “On The Record” tonight to discuss the changes that are being made. Donnelly sent a first letter in May and a second in August to the California Department of Transportation, asking the agency to make the signs more visible. Both letters mentioned the “On The Record” investigation.

Donnelly said he was surprised when Caltrans improved visibility of the signs and said it would put new markings on the pavement to warn drivers that they’re headed toward Mexico.

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“This really shores up his case,” Donnelly said of Tahmooressi. “If you have a major government agency in California acting to correct a deficiency, there’s clearly something that has made many people make that same mistake.