ISIS is preying on young western women, according to a new report from the Associated Press.

The terror group is reportedly recruiting wives, babysitters and housekeepers, using propaganda videos and recruiters to reach out to teens and convince them to travel to Syria.

The AP reported that about 100 young women have left France to join the jihad in Syria, and some weren’t even Muslim before they left.

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Severine Mehenni’s teen daughter, Sahra, is among those who have left France to join ISIS. Mehenni believes that her daughter was brainwashed on the Internet. The two have spoken on the phone, but Mehenni thinks the calls are scripted.

Foad El-Bahty says his 15-year-old sister is another one of the young women who have joined with ISIS. When he visited her, he says she wouldn’t stop crying and banging her head against the wall. She said she wanted to come home but was not allowed. Since then, communications have been cut off.

Watch the story above from "Shepard Smith Reporting."