We're a little scared just looking at this photo, but would you believe the amazing shot of a great white shark was snapped by a teacher from New Jersey?

Amanda Brewer sat down with Bill Hemmer this morning to explain how she captured the image off the coast of South Africa.

Hemmer, who said he's "scared to death" of sharks, asked Brewer whether she was afraid.

She explained that there tends to be a stigma, stemming from movies like "Jaws," that make people think that all sharks are dangerous.

"There's this 'Jaws' mentality when it comes to sharks that they're killers and that they're these ferocious beasts and they're not. They're actually a protected species with population troubles," said Brewer, who said during her month-long trip she got to see up close how intelligent sharks are.

Brewer said in this instance, the shark went for the bait, but for the most part the sharks just circled the boat, trying to "figure out what we were doing there."

The now-famous picture, which made its way to National Geographic and many other publications, now also hangs in Brewer's elementary school classroom in Washington Township, New Jersey.

She said she plans to go back next summer with a company called White Shark Africa. Watch the interview above.

Here's the Instagram post that went viral:


I throw back everyday - today, my favorite #gopro shot from South Africa.

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