In a “Kelly File” special, Megyn Kelly takes an hour-long look at the questions of presidential leadership that have been raised by three former administration officials – former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and now ex-CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

HIGHLIGHTS: O'Reilly's Memorable Sit-Down With Leon Panetta

Panetta recently suggested that Obama “has lost his way” and “refuses to engage people,” bringing the country to a point where we are “governing by crisis.”

Now, two retired U.S. generals, Richard Myers and Jack Keane, analyze the military effort against ISIS, while Chris Stirewalt and Lanny Davis assess the political impact of the criticism of the president. 

Then, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) reacts to Leon Panetta's comments on Benghazi, with Brent Bozell looking at the media's coverage of Obama's critics. 

Don’t miss the special “The Kelly File,” tonight at 9p/12a ET.