Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still said on "Fox and Friends" this morning (watch above) that his four-year-old daughter will start her last round of chemotherapy tomorrow.

We saw Still in a viral Instagram video a few weeks ago, giving his daughter an inspiring pep talk as he brought her to the hospital for surgery to remove a tumor from her stomach, which he now says was "successful."

After the chemo is completed, Leah will need radiation treatment and a stem cell transplant, he said.

Still called it a big surprise last weekend to see the Patriots' cheerleaders put on his #75 Bengals jersey, which is being sold to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

In an emotional moment, Still was photographed with a tear running down his face as he witnessed the classy gesture and an emotional video playing at the stadium.

He said, overall, his daughter's battle with a cancer has strengthened him and his friends and family.

"She's able to go through this process and be that same kid that she was before we found out she had cancer. She's able to walk around with a smile on her face and still have that energetic attitude, which we feed off of. She's teaching me a lot of things. She's put life into perspective for me," said Still.