It's probably a longshot, but this is still an intriguing scenario to think about. A wildcard candidate in the North Carolina Senate race - a Libertarian pizza delivery man - could cost Republicans big time in November.

In a Fox News poll a few weeks ago, Sean Haugh received 6% support, while Sen. Kay Hagan (D) garnered 41% and her Republican opponent Thom Tillis had 36%. A newer NBC-Marist poll put Hagan ahead of Tillis 44 to 40, with Haugh at 7%.

According to Real Clear Politics, "the only real wild card is Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh, who has polled well and peeled off more ballots from Tillis than from Hagan. Third parties tend to fade down the stretch (except when they don’t), so we'd expect things to tilt back Tillis' way. But we really have no way of knowing for sure."

The nightmare scenario for Republicans would be Hagan hanging on, and that one result preventing the party from getting to 51 seats in the Senate.

Haugh talked to Steve Doocy this morning, explaining that voters deserve an "alternative" to the two parties and arguing that other polls show he's actually hurting Hagan more than Tillis.

Haugh said that he's running on a platform of "stopping all war and stop spending more money than we have."

He called Hagan and Tillis "corporately controlled candidates" who are united on continuing wars in the Middle East and on more spending.

Watch the interview above, including some highlights of last night's Hagan-Tillis debate.