Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer tonight discussed Barack Obama’s poll numbers, foreign policy and Jimmy Carter’s recent comments about the president.

A new poll has found that 53 percent call Obama’s presidency a failure.

“That’s what six years of hope and change will give you,” Krauthammer said.

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Krauthammer noted that presidential elections focus on personalities more than anything, and Obama ran one of the best negative campaigns in history. He said that midterms are more ideologically driven.

“Obama actually said, ‘I’m not on the ballot, but the policies are.’ Well, that will kill the Democratic candidates.”

Within 12 hours of him saying that, Republican ads were running, quoting Obama as saying “My policies are on the ballot.”

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Kelly and Krauthammer discussed Jimmy Carter’s recent remarks that it’s hard to figure out what Obama’s policy is because it changes.

“He said he’d be a transformational figure, and he has been because he has managed to bring together Dick Cheney and Jimmy Carter on the issue of his foreign policy,” Kelly quipped.

“Maybe he’ll get a second Nobel prize for that,” Krauthammer said.

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