In her first national TV interview, the mother of Benghazi victim Glen Doherty went “On The Record” to discuss her son’s death and the action she’s taking against the CIA, State Department, and his insurance company.

Barbara Doherty told Greta Van Susteren that the first time she heard that Glen was in Libya was when she learned that he had died. Barbara said that her daughter broke the news to her.

“It’s the wrong order,” she said of her son dying before her.

When asked whether the government gave her any information on the day she learned of Glen’s death, Barbara said, “That day was just filled with crying and tears. If they told me anything, I don’t remember it. It was like that for two or three days […] looking back, you’re in a fog and you’re just told what to do, and you do it.”

Van Susteren asked Barbara whether she wanted answers, but Barbara said that she didn’t at that point.

“I was just trying to survive as a mother who had lost her son.”

It was “well over a month” before then-FBI Director Robert Mueller called Barbara. She said that he apologized for not calling sooner and said it was because he couldn’t find her contact number.

“I said, ‘You are the FBI,’ he said, ‘Yes,’” she told Van Susteren.

Of Glen, she said, “His love for his fellow man is what cost him his life. So you have the sadness there, but you know he did the right thing in his eyes, he always went to help somebody.”

Still, the more Barbara finds out about the attacks, the more criticism she says she feels toward the government.

“It could have been prevented,” she said.

Watch part one below.

Then, Barbara told Van Susteren about the insurance company which has denied the family Glen’s death benefits.

CIA contractors are required to take out a life insurance policy before they go overseas. Glen bought the policy that he was told to buy, but the death benefits would have only been paid out if he had a child or heir. Plus, the premiums that Glen paid were more than the benefits he received for his funeral.

“I don’t feel that our family or any other family should have to suffer this indignity, and that’s what it is. They denied he bought insurance, now they’re saying the insurance because of this act won’t be paid, and so the pain you feel from losing your child is then brought forth again because now it’s disrespectful to treat a family – any family – that way,” Barbara told Van Susteren.

Barbara said she is disappointed in the government’s lack of handling what her son wanted. She said that Glen always said that if anything happened, their family would be well taken care of.

“So his wish is not being met, and I think they disappoint me tremendously that way,” she said.

Watch part two below.

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