Glenn Beck was on “The Kelly File” tonight, where he reiterated his position of keeping the U.S. military out of the region in the fight against ISIS.

“Not one more body, not one more arm, not one more leg, not one more dollar,” he said. Beck explained that the U.S. hasn’t learned its lesson and that we don’t even know what the Middle East is fighting about.

“They’re going back to World War I, the reestablishment of the caliphate,” Beck said.

Beck explained that ISIS wants an end to the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which was when Britain and France redesigned the Middle East, making it so that dictators had to be put there. He said that when the U.S. gets rid of dictators, it helps ISIS establish a caliphate.

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“We’re community organizing the Middle East,” he said.

Beck predicted that when Syria’s Assad goes down, the next to fall will be Jordan, and then ISIS will sweep the Middle East.

He said that while we can defeat extremists a little bit, they will be back because they believe the Koran.

Beck also touched on the shocking video in which Harvard students said that the U.S. is a bigger threat than ISIS.

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“How do you even react to that? Here’s the biggest danger to America: an uneducated citizenry. […] We are going off the rails because we don’t know our own history,” Beck said.

He also weighed in on the fiery showdown between Bill Maher and Ben Affleck on ISIS and Islam.

“Ask Ben Affleck what Sykes-Picot is. America, look it up,” Beck said.

Beck also touched on the importance of unity.

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“The time for conflict, Megyn, is over. […] We are in a cold civil war and it is time to start finding things that bring us together,” he said. He called for people of all religions to get together because our freedom is at stake.

“We agree on much more than we disagree,” he said.

Watch the full interview above.