Megyn Kelly is kicking off her second year in primetime with a big show tonight that will focus on the air campaign against ISIS a month after President Obama's address to the nation about taking on the terror army.

Fresh off of Leon Panetta's scathing criticism of the president's foreign policy - including with Bill O'Reilly last night - and amid disturbing reports on ISIS' advance near the Turkish border, don't miss the power-packed hour.

We've got the lineup for you:

- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who blasted President Obama's ISIS strategy one month ago as being "fundamentally unserious," returns to assess how the campaign is progressing.

- Gen. Jack Keane helped create the winning "troop surge" strategy in Iraq. What's missing from the current plan? 

- Glenn Beck said to Megyn a few months ago that even though his predictions about an Islamic caliphate were coming true, he did not favor more U.S. military action in the Middle East. What will he say now?

- Charles Krauthammer weighs in on whether the president's visit to the Pentagon today will change anything.

- Joe Trippi analyzes what the current foreign policy crisis means politically for the White House and for the midterms.

Tune in tonight at 9p/12a ET, and in case you missed it, check out last night's highlight reel from The Kelly File's first year.