Two Benghazi security contractors were on “Hannity” tonight, where they weighed in on Leon Panetta’s interview with Bill O’Reilly and reacted to Greta Van Susteren’s one-on-one with the mother of Benghazi victim Glen Doherty.

Last night on “The O’Reilly Factor,” the former defense secretary discussed Benghazi. He said that he told President Barack Obama that there had been an attack by terrorists. In a previous interview with O’Reilly, Obama said that he was told there was an attack and that officials did not initially know who was responsible.

Hannity also referenced the administration's talking points that Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration related to a YouTube video.

He asked: do you conclude that Obama consciously and purposely lied to the American people?

O'Reilly to Panetta: Did You Tell Obama Benghazi Was a Terror Attack?

“I don’t think you can think anything other than that,” Kris Paronto said tonight. He questioned why the administration is misleading people when the security contractors knew the truth and passed it on to their superiors.

“It made me very angry, and it still makes me angry to this day. I’ll say that a million times again. It was misleading, it was not the truth, it was a lie.”

Mark Geist also reacted to tonight’s interview with Barbara Doherty, the mother of CIA contractor Glen Doherty, who was killed in Benghazi.

'His Wish Is Not Being Met': Benghazi Victim's Mom on Denied Death Benefit

“Her son was one of the bravest guys I’ve met. He came up on that roof with no regard for himself to help out to do what he could, to lend a hand ‘cause he had the experience as a sniper, he’s a shooter,” he said.

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