On the night of the Benghazi attacks, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he told President Barack Obama that it was the work of terrorists.

Panetta said that he told the president “there was an attack by terrorists" in part two of an interview tonight with Bill O'Reilly.

During his Super Bowl interview with O’Reilly, Obama said Panetta told him that there was an attack on the compound and that officials didn’t know yet who had done it.

O'Reilly Presses Panetta: 'Do Our Enemies Fear Us?'

O’Reilly pressed Panetta on Susan Rice’s statements to the media that Benghazi was a spontaneous attack, not terrorism.

“I thought those talking points, frankly, were not on point […] there was no question in my mind that it was a terrorist attack,” Panetta said.

“The Factor” host also asked Panetta if he believes the Benghazi security contractors’ claims that they were told to stand down for about a half hour.

Panetta: Clinton Would Have Acted If She Knew About Benghazi Security Issues

“I have no reason not to believe them,” Panetta said, adding that if there was a 30-minute delay, it’s important for the congressional committee to find out what happened.

Watch part two of the interview above.