An Ohio man is suing the TSA, claiming the agents who checked his suitcase spilled his mother's ashes from an urn that he had packed.

Shannon Thomas flew from Cleveland to Puerto Rico two years ago, intending to scatter his mother's ashes in the Caribbean Sea according to her wishes.

Thomas was unaware of what had been done until he arrived, opened his suitcase and saw a TSA notice of inspection amid the spilled ashes.

Thomas' attorney said the "heavy and sturdy" urn was packed in accordance with TSA guidelines.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court last week. It seeks $750,000 in damages following the traumatic incident.

More on this story from Fox 8 in Cleveland:

A TSA spokesperson told FOX 8 that they cannot comment on pending litigation, and therefore cannot say what exactly happened to this urn.

However, TSA guidelines for transporting and inspecting urns are clearly outlined in their rule books and on their websites.

According to TSA policies and procedures and due to possible security threats, “all urns are subject to screening and must pass through the x-ray machine,” but “under no circumstances will an officer open the container.”

Mr. Thomas’ attorney says his client followed the rules closely and still found himself facing this terrible situation.

And he says, possibly most egregious of all, at no time has anyone ever even apologized for what happened.