A Michigan police officer is making headlines for paying it forward to a mother and her daughter.

Officer Ben Hall pulled over Alexis DeLorenzo and her 5-year-old daughter, who was not in a booster seat.

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DeLorenzo admitted to Hall that she was wrong for not having the child in a booster seat, and she told him that her family had fallen on hard times. Instead of ticketing her, Hall bought DeLorenzo a booster seat for the little girl.

Hall said it’s the best $50 he has ever spent.

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UPDATE: Hall and DeLorenzo joined "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning. Hall said after he heard the mother's story, he knew giving her a ticket was not the best way to help.

"To change even just a little bit of this family's life. I felt that I was in that position to do it and I went ahead and did what I did," said Hall.

He responded to some critics who argued after seeing the story that he should have given her a ticket anyway.

"No, not even close. I faced a little bit of criticism, but nothing like what Lexi's facing," said Hall, who added that he has received an overwhelming amount of support.

DeLorenzo said she was at a loss for words and had never heard of an officer doing what Hall did.

Watch the interview above.