Laura Ingraham talked to "Fox and Friends" this morning, asking what Leon Panetta did while he was at the Pentagon to change President Obama's foreign policy course.

She said the memoirs of former administration officials are now getting tiresome.

"They're all designed to sell a lot of books and you want everyone all hyped up for your book, but was Leon Panetta really engaged behind closed doors with Obama trying to convince him of his position? These after-the-fact memoirs, I frankly find annoying. Show us what you can do when you're actually in power," said Ingraham.

ISIS is reportedly poised to capture a Syrian town near the Turkish border, raising fears of another large-scale massacre. Some are also concerned that ISIS will soon take control of the Baghdad airport.

"I think most people watching this across the country are just like, what is going on? What are we paying for here if we are not able to prevent ISIS from taking another major city or town?" she asked, pointing out that President Obama "doesn't seem to be rallying the country" to support stronger actions against ISIS.

Watch her full commentary above.