“How stupid does Washington actually think we are?” Gretchen Carlson asked today on “The Real Story,” blasting the government’s response to the VA scandal.

Carlson noted that the problems at the VA aren’t just some petty scandal – veterans died waiting for health care. She asked: why does the government continue to treat veterans with such disrespect?

The VA says it will fire four senior officials, at least one of whom was planning to retire. Carlson said getting rid of four employees is “a slap in the face” to our veterans and the whistleblowers who bravely came forward.

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This summer, Congress gave the VA the power to get rid of the bad apples, yet not much has been done, Carlson remarked.

“Systematic, huge problems like this one need a complete overhaul to really evoke change, and many Americans are still wondering if that will really ever happen,” she said.

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