On Friday, fishermen rescued stranded kayakers off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, after a dangerous encounter with a great white shark not once, but twice.

Charles and Lou Christman were 60 miles north of Santa Barbara Harbor and were taking advantage of the good weather to catch a lot of fish.

When they got a mayday call from the coast guard about a group of kayakers who were attacked by a shark, they leapt into action and found them just 400 yards away.

"They were clinging to the top of the kayak, fear in their eyes," Lou Christman said to Bill Hemmer on America's Newsroom this morning. "It was pretty intense there for a little bit."

He added that the shark is estimated to have been "as big around as a car," and Charles Christman guessed it was 20 feet long.

After dropping the kayakers back onshore and heading out for more fishing, the Christmans received another mayday call just an hour later.

This second group of kayakers was further away, and the rescue was captured by Charles Christman in dramatic video.

"I believe it's the same shark. He already got the taste of one kayak and I don't think he was gonna stop with one."

Watch the incredible clip from America's Newsroom above.