Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola inside the U.S., has begun receiving an experimental antiviral drug called brincindofovir. 

President Obama also announced Monday that additional steps would be taken to screen travelers for Ebola at airports.

Dr. David Samadi, co-host of "Sunday Housecall," discussed this morning whether an Ebola outbreak in the United States can be prevented.

He explained that previous Ebola patients in Atlanta - involving Americans who returned from West Africa for treatment after being infected - received a drug called ZMapp.

But the small company that produces ZMapp has run out, so doctors in Texas are turning to brincindofovir. Samadi said the most important thing is coming up with a vaccine within the next few months.

Samadi then went on to talk about the enterovirus, which has parents on edge after a New Jersey pre-schooler died suddenly in his sleep.

According to the CDC, nearly 600 people across 43 states and the District of Columbia have been sickened by the virus since mid-August.

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