One school district in Washington state is phasing out swings from playgrounds because of safety and liability concerns.

The school district says the decision to remove swings was made because of pressure from insurance companies, who claim that of all the pieces of playground equipment, swings are responsible for the most injuries.

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On Outnumbered today, John Stossel indeed found himself outnumbered when he said he can understand the ban.

He pointed out that as opposed to the government - which will often ban things arbitrarily - insurance companies make decisions based on hard data, because they have actual money on the line.

"How much does a kid learn from a swing?" he asked.

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Andrea Tantaros was against the move, saying that swings can teach valuable lessons on the playground, such as waiting, cooperating and getting back up when you fall.

“Kids are falling down. The playground is where you learn to take risks," Tantaros said. “They get in the real world, and they don’t know how to handle falling down.”

Jedediah Bila pointed out that if you don’t have teachers or parents supervising, anything can be dangerous with a bunch of kids running around on a playground.

“I think we need to keep the swing,” Sandra Smith concluded.

Watch the clip from Outnumbered above.

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