Ex-CNN host Piers Morgan is making waves with his first story as editor-at-large of MailOnline.com.

The article’s headline reads: “A slapdash Secret Service detail isn't what's wrong with the White House - the real scandal is a President who is so complacent about protecting Americans.”

In the story, Morgan blasted President Barack Obama for committing “professional suicide” when he threw the intelligence community under the bus for underestimating the threat of ISIS.

“It’s time he got off the damn golf course, got up to speed with his intelligence briefings and focused on wiping out ISIS. Before they wipe out more of the people he serves,” Morgan wrote.

Tonight in his first “Hannity” appearance, Morgan said hearing Obama throw James Clapper under the bus was “an extraordinary moment,” wondering why a president would refer to his own intelligence services as “they” rather than “we.”

Morgan said that the spread of ISIS seems to come back to Obama’s foreign policy strategy of leading from behind.

“America shouldn’t be leading anything from behind,” he said. “America is, at its best, a great super power. And when it’s at its best, whether it’s dealing with Ebola at a humanitarian level or ISIS on a terrorism/ foreign policy level, America has to be confident, bold, and strong, and decisive.”

Sean Hannity noted that according to Obama, ISIS is not Islamic, and we’re not at war with the group, even though we’re bombing it.

“This is all just nonsense rhetoric, because ISIS clearly is an Islamic fundamentalist organization, it’s a terror group, and when they start beheading American and British citizens in these gruesome snuff movies that they are making, and releasing them to the world, taunting, taunting these countries, it’s not good enough to simply say, yea I’m really upset about this beheading, and then seven minutes later as Obama did, go to a golf course and be seen goofing around on the first tee. That really hit home to me,” Morgan said, noting that Obama has spent 200 more hours golfing than attending his daily briefings.

Watch the full interview above.

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