In this evening's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly examined if Islam is a destructive force in the world.

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O'Reilly pointed out that right now ISIS terrorists are attacking a town in Syria very close to the Turkish border, but Turkish tanks and troops do nothing.

"Turkey is a Muslim country," O'Reilly noted.

"All throughout the world, there are about 1.6 billion Muslims, and 35 countries practice some kind of Sharia law. That means they are governed by people who abide by principles of Islam that are controversial to say the least," "The Factor" host said.

"In some places, you even can be stoned to death for committing a sin."

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O'Reilly cited a study published by the Pew Research Center last year that asked Muslims if they favor Sharia law. The results were eye-opening: Afghanistan 99%, Pakistan 84%, Iraq 91%, Egypt 74% and Jordan 71%.

Even in Great Britain, a recent poll found that 78% of British Muslims believe that criticism of the prophet Mohammed should be a prosecutable offense.

"So you can see that millions of Muslims think their religion should dictate what happens in society," O'Reilly stated, then playing a clip from Bill Maher's HBO show "Real Time," where Maher, author Sam Harris and actor Ben Affleck got in a heated debate about Islam and how widely held radical Islamic views are around the world.

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O'Reilly reminded viewers that Talking Points stated last week that most Muslims are peaceful people, even if they do believe in Sharia law.

"That’s a flaw in their thinking. It doesn't mean they are violent maniacs," O'Reilly explained.

O'Reilly, however, agreed with Maher's argument that fundamentalist views are dangerously common in Muslim communities around the world.

"The truth is many Muslim nations have not confronted Islamic terrorism, have not attacked violence in the name of Allah and have not even condemned the jihad. There are exceptions to the rule but they are few," O'Reilly said.

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He said this leads to militant Islam continuing to drive worldwide terrorism, with plenty of sanctuaries from which to function.

"The truth is that the Islamic jihad could not exist if not for Muslim nations turning away," O'Reilly said.

"Turkey could crush ISIS right this minute, but Turkey does nothing. The Afghan people could turn against the Taliban. They do not. The Pakistani government harbored Osama bin Laden. The government did!"

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He explained that he understands that for centuries Muslims co-existed peacefully with other religions.

But now that terrorism and the jihadists are again on the move and most Muslim nations are not joining with the West in opposition, criticism of Islam’s role on the world stage is indeed valid.

"The Muslim world needs to take a hard look at itself," O'Reilly concluded.

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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