An outrageous story going viral in recent days out of Oklahoma City. Video shows an elderly beggar being called out by a man who had apparently given her money only to later see her driving a new car!

The video was posted on YouTube by another woman who wrote that she had also given some money to the woman.

Brandi Newman explained, "I gave the lady in the video money the other day because she holding a sign that said 78 year old widow needs money for food. Yesterday I pulled up to the Shell on the same corner and saw her sitting in this cute, little Fiat. As I'm sitting there thinking "I got scammed by a little old lady", a man approached her car.....and this is what happened next."

Daniel Ayala can be heard yelling that he had given the woman money "for food" on multiple occasions. He also threatens to break a window if he sees the car again.

Note: video contains profanity.

The man, identified as Daniel Ayala, told KFOR-TV that he didn't know he was being filmed.

He defended the threats, saying he was angry after realizing he had given the elderly woman about $15 in a week.

And News 9 in Oklahoma City later tracked down the woman, who was apparently back in the same place panhandling again.

Her cardboard sign claimed she is a 78-year-old widow in need of money.

She refused to talk about the car, and hit a photojournalist who asked her about it, according to the report.