For 50 years, United States law has banned prayer in public schools, but one of Hollywood's rare conservatives, Janine Turner, has a new book that traces her personal journey and offers a solution for how to get religion back in public schools.

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"A Little Bit Vulnerable" is loosely based on Turner's life and touches on many topics, from Hollywood rejection to sobriety, from politics to moral issues, such as how to get American youth back to God.

Turner said that the separation of church and state in the U.S. was based on one letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote, and she has an suggestion that will give students the freedom to pray at school.

Her idea is to set aside a small amount of time - just 15-20 minutes - per day where students can go to a designated prayer room for their respective religion, if they so choose.

"And they have 15-20 minutes to talk freely of their own will about the god of their choice," Turner explained.

Clayton Morris pointed out that schools that have instituted programs for transcendental mediation have seen enormous success, and Turner said that her idea, if spread across the country, could have a similar positive effect on students.

"In America, we can do anything," she concluded.

Watch the clip from Fox and Friends Weekend above and be sure to pick up "A Little Bit Vulnerable."

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