The Secret Service Scandal has prompted some to aggressively question the White House, including Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry, who asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest last week, "Where's the outrage?"

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Howard Kurtz recently spoke to Henry at the White House about his push for answers on the various security issues.

Henry said he was "personally stunned" by the lack of outrage from Obama administration officials, not just from the fence-jumper incident, but also from the incident in Atlanta where an armed man with a criminal record was allowed within mere inches of President Obama.

He said that he also understands they are trying to keep morale in the Secret Service up through all this criticism of the agency that's supposed to be protecting the president, so it's a delicate balance, according to Henry.

"Most of the agents and officers I know are outstanding law enforcement officials ... Most times, they get it right, and we should make that part of the story," Henry explained, adding that these screw-ups, however, are massive ones that deserve attention and criticism.

Watch the clip from Media Buzz above to see Kurtz and Henry's full discussion, including Henry's thoughts on if he is treated differently by the White House working for Fox News as opposed to CNN.

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