What would you do if millions of people suddenly vanished into thin air and the world was plunged into chaos?

Based on the biblical Book of Revelation, that’s what the thought-provoking, best-selling fiction series “Left Behind” asks.

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Now, “Left Behind” – which is one of the most successful book series of all-time, selling more than 65 million copies – is out in theaters on the big screen as an apocalyptic action-thriller starring Nicolas Cage.

The Academy Award-winning actor spoke to Clayton Morris on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to discuss his role in the faith-based film and if he sees an increase in the number of films with religious themes.

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“Perhaps people are more open to it and open to telling all sorts of stories, not just standard action-adventure movies, but movies that have some sort of spiritual component to them,” Cage offered.

“For me, generally, I don’t make messages movies, but I try to make movies that stimulate conversation or discussion at the dinner table,” he explained.

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What drew him to this particular role was the idea of playing a man who had lost his path and realizes in the darkest of days what’s truly important to him: family.

“I like that kind of heart in a movie,” Cage said.

The prolific actor also received encouragement to do the faith-based film from his brother, Marc, who is a Christian pastor.

Watch the interview from Fox and Friends Weekend above to find out what Marc said to "Nicky" to make him decide to star in "Left Behind."

Check out the official trailer below and be sure to catch "Left Behind," out in theaters nationwide now!