A Wyoming mother was tired of her 14-year-old daughter skipping school and misbehaving, so she came up with a unique, embarrassing punishment that has gone viral.

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Jeanne Crutchfield posted a video to Facebook shows her trailing her alleged truant daughter, Ricki, around her high school and even threatening to "hold hands" and "go to class together."

The original Facebook post has been shared tens of thousands of times, and Crutchfield's cringe-inducing parenting technique has gone viral.

On Fox and Friends Weekend today, parenting experts Thomas Kersting, Denise Albert and Scott Behson agreed that this is taking it too far and they would not do the same thing with their children, but they understood how a parent could feel like going to such an extreme might be the best way to get results.

"Broadcasting it out on the internet and Facebook is too far. That's really making it too much of a thing," Behson said.

They doubted, however, that Ricki will be late for class again.

Watch the clip above.

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