Iconic actor John Wayne is known around the world as "The Duke," but his family is locked in a legal battle with Duke University for the rights to use that moniker on a bourbon bottle.

This week, a federal court dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Wayne family to trademark the "Duke" nickname.

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Ethan Wayne, John Wayne's son and President of John Wayne Enterprises, appeared on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to discuss the case.

"I'm in the business of selling John Wayne. If people don't understand that it's a John Wayne product, I'm losing my customer. I'm not going to sell any products," Wayne explained. "So, I've got to make sure it's 'Duke' Wayne and not Duke University."

He added that the university's argument is preposterous, as no one could confuse the bottle's distinct label and colors with those of the school.

Wayne explained that the recent court decision is only a setback, and the university is fighting a technical, procedural detail, as opposed to the merits of the Wayne family's case.

Watch the clip from Fox and Friends Weekend above.

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