Rapper MattyB may only be 11-years-old, but his YouTube channel already has more than one billion views.

It's the internet sensation's most recent release, however, that really has the whole world buzzing.

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The pint-sized performer dedicated his cover of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" to his eight-year-old sister, Sarah Grace, who has Down syndrome.

The heartfelt song is aimed at people who bully, tease or exclude those with developmental differences, urging viewers to see each other’s “true colors.”

MattyB, accompanied by his father, Blake Morris, joined Uma Pemmaraju on America's News Headquarters today to talk about the hit song - which is already closing in on six million views on YouTube after just one month - and his love for his sister.

"Some people looked at her differently or didn’t want to play with her," MattyB explained. “I just think that she deserves to have a song dedicated to her.”

“It was just a special project for us, and we feel like the message got across," his father said. "And we were fortunate enough to have others see it the same way.”

He added that Sarah Grace has taught them all valuable lessons on unconditional love and unity.

“I’m really happy, because Sarah’s a great person,” MattyB concluded.

Watch the feel-good clip above and check out MattyB’s official video for "True Colors" below.



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