A South Carolina father and his son have created a new device to keep sharks at bay.

David Garrison and his son, Nathan, teamed up to invent Sharkbanz, a band that swimmers can wear to repel sharks.

Sharks possess a very sensitive electro-magnetic sense, and the bands work by disrupting electro-receptors.

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Nathan said it’s “akin to having a very bright flashlight shined in the shark’s eyes.” It doesn’t hurt the shark – it’s just unpleasant.

Nathan, an avid surfer, said he has had many “spooky experiences” with sharks; his best friend was even bitten by one.

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The father-son duo worked with the scientists who patented the technology to ensure that the product works. Recently, they even jumped in the water themselves with their Sharkbanz after attracting sharks to the area.

The product will be available in November.

Learn more at sharkbanz.com.