On "Fox and Friends" this morning, we saw some more of Brian Kilmeade's exclusive sit-down with former President George W. Bush at The Bush Center’s fourth annual Warrior Open golf tournament near Dallas.

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Kilmeade noted that President Obama has often criticized Bush's decisions, unlike Bill Clinton, who declined to criticize George H.W. Bush.

"Well, everybody has choices to make in life," Bush said on the criticism by the administration.

"All the noise really doesn't bother me. What bothers me is, if in fact this is happening, that we're not confident in our capacity as a nation to be great. That would bother me. I hope most citizens realize what a unique nation we live in."

Bush said he has been careful since leaving office to stay out of politics, adding he doesn't feel the need to defend his decisions because it will take a long time for history to "sort out" his legacy.

"In our society today, sometimes you defend what you did by attacking the other person, which is something I don't want to do."

Kilmeade pointed out a comment by Bush's younger brother, Jeb Bush, who stated that he has never seen the psyche of the country so "depressed."

"He's got a good handle on the mood of the country because he's traveling a lot. He's speaking in front of a lot of groups. If he were to run and win, I'm confident he would lift our nation's spirits," said Bush.

He emphasized the "if," saying he wants his brother to run, but doesn't know if he will.

Watch the exchange in the clip above, and check out the full interview, here.

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