Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was on “Special Report,” where he discussed the Ebola threat, border security and the Secret Service security lapses.

"The Secret Service agency merits an independent review right now," Johnson said of the security incidents.

Bret Baier asked Johnson: Did you ask Secret Service Director Julia Pierson to resign?

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“Director Pierson offered her resignation, and I accepted it,” he told Baier.

Of securing the border, Johnson said Homeland Security brings to bear a risk-based strategy, focusing resources on places where officials see migration and threats. He called it an “efficient, effective use of taxpayer resources.”

Baier asked Johnson about reports of four men with alleged ties to terrorist groups, who tried to cross the border on Sept. 10. Johnson said they did not have ties to terrorist groups, but are being detained because they are undocumented.

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Johnson also ruled out issuing a travel ban to West Africa in the fight against Ebola. He said the best way to attack Ebola is at its source.

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