An annual party at Brown University has been canceled after organizers say it “deviated from its goals of safe sexual expression.”

Nine years ago, Jesse Watters went undercover to attend the “Sex Power God” party and reported that it was X-rated, to say the least. Now, it has been shut down.

Watters' World Versus Brown University: The Nude Week Edition

A statement from the Queer Alliance said, in part:

The Queer Alliance Coordinating Committee concluded that the common occurrences of violence towards queer and female students: non-consensual sexual engagement, unwanted touching, harassment, and verbal slurs, were enough reason to cancel SPG, despite the financial loss of foregoing the party. To date, there have been no official reports of sexual assault or misconduct, but anecdotal evidence from students who have attended have led us to our current decision.

​Jesse Watters Responds to Brown University Students Critical of His Nude Week Coverage​

Watters reported tonight that Brown’s Nudity Week is still going on – and is currently under way.

Learn more in the video clip above.