Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday amid a series of mistakes by the agency. It came shortly after White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest had said the president had "full confidence" in Pierson.

Seven hours later, Earnest had to go back before the press to explain that Pierson had "offered her resignation" and that the president agreed she should resign.

"Really?" asked Sandra Smith on "Outnumbered" today.

Tucker Carlson said he "almost feels sorry" for Earnest because the Obama administration can't seem to handle anything.

"He's fronting the most incompetent administration of my lifetime. They can't even coordinate something as basic as whether they're gonna fire the head of the Secret Service. They sent the guy out there with the wrong talking points," he said.

Tantaros questioned why the White House did not foresee the "circus" that would emerge after an intruder jumped a fence and went deep into the White House. She argued Pierson should have been fired or forced to resign much sooner.

Harris Faulkner said that firing somebody in a decisive action is "completely different" than allowing the person to resign. And she questioned whether Pierson got the job because she's a woman, noting that her successor, Joseph Clancy, appears to be far more qualified.

Tantaros agreed, saying when Pierson was picked it was after the embarrassing prostitution scandal the previous year and when Obama was getting "flak from the Democratic party" that he didn't have enough women in positions of power.

Kirsten Powers pushed back on the idea that Pierson was picked to fill a "quota" of some kind.

Powers noted that it wasn't a job that a lot of people wanted after the prostitution scandal, arguing a woman can do a "bad job" in a position the same as a man can.

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