Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went “On The Record” to warn of militant Islam and nuclear weapons.

The prime minister told Greta Van Susteren that militant Islam’s number one target is the U.S.

"They see you as the great Satan. They call us the small Satan, because we’re just a frontal position, the forward position of the United States. They want to destroy us so they can get to you,” he said.

Netanyahu Warns U.S.: 'You’re Ultimately the Target' of Radical Islam

Netanyahu stressed that we must defeat ISIS and prevent Iran from having nuclear weapon capabilities.

Netanyahu said that Iran, ISIS and Hamas all have fanatical ideologies – and those who they perceive to be infidels are given the option to convert or die, which Netanyahu called “insane.”

“This insanity coupled with the weapons of mass destruction could lead to catastrophe,” he cautioned.

Netanyahu: 'Hamas Wants Civilian Deaths in Gaza for PR Fodder'

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