Dr. Gil Mobley protested the government’s handling of the Ebola threat by walking through an Atlanta airport in a Hazmat suit which read: CDC is lying.

“The CDC is asleep at the wheel,” Mobley charged today on “Your World.”

Mobley told Neil Cavuto that he went through international customs last night, and there was no thermal screening. He said he was simply asked whether he had tobacco or alcohol with him.

“When […] a million people are in quarantine in West Africa right now, and 10,000 people leave West Africa a day, it’s just a matter of time before this gets to every third-world country, and it’s going to devour them,” he said. Then, Mobley said, imported cases could happen weekly, daily or even hourly.

“There’s no advanced nation in the world that can handle that many clusters,” he said.

A Dallas hospital initially sent Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan home with antibiotics. Mobley said Ebola patients will be sent home more and more as flu season ramps up.

According to Mobley, the CDC is “vastly understating” the Ebola threat.

“if you were to ask your local hospital system how many spare, negative pressure rooms they have […] they’ll tell you we rarely have negative pressure rooms available. And that speaks volumes about how prepared we really are.”

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