It's been one year since the launch of ObamaCare, but Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) warned today on "Fox and Friends" that most of the "shoes" haven't even dropped yet.

For one, he noted that the employer mandate hasn't even kicked in yet, accusing the Obama administration of violating the Constitution by delaying the provision without Congress' approval.

Ryan said it's "basically designed to kick people off of their job-based insurance and put them into the [government] exchange."

The former vice presidential candidate also explained that the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) has also not started yet.

The 15-person board is supposed to put "price controls" on Medicare, Ryan said. The creation of the IPAB was referred to as "death panels" by some critics of the new law.

"These haven't even been started yet. So, so many more things which will cause people to lose the current insurance they have. We have a new set of rate increases coming in a few weeks for the people already on ObamaCare. Then we have all these price controls in Medicare that have yet to hit seniors," said Ryan.

Ryan discussed much more in the interview, including ISIS, the upcoming elections, and the Redskins name controversy.