Bill O’Reilly tonight charged the Obama administration with ignoring incompetence – until now.

Today, Julia Pierson resigned as director of the Secret Service, following yesterday’s committee briefing on a security breach.

On Sept. 19, a mentally disturbed person hopped a fence and got into the White House without being stopped by Secret Service. O’Reilly called it “a huge scandal,” which he said Pierson made even worse yesterday.

Pierson said, “It is obvious that mistakes were made, It’s self-evident that mistakes were made. We must identify what the facts are, learn from the facts.”

But O’Reilly said it was too late for Pierson, who was not forthcoming about how bad the break-in was. He said it’s amazing that she resigned today “since the Obama administration rarely holds people accountable for failure.”

O’Reilly said that the only other person he could think of who was fired after a scandal was former VA chief Eric Shinseki.

But Obama blamed James Clapper for the ISIS intel failure, and he’s still on the job. O’Reilly noted that National Security Advisor Susan Rice misled the world on Benghazi and was promoted. Ex-HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius botched the ObamaCare rollout and kept her job for eight months before voluntarily leaving. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not take the fall for the assassination of Christopher Stevens. O’Reilly said current and former IRS commissioners John Koskinen and Douglas Shulman were caught up in the targeting scandal, and neither paid a price.

“Time after time, the nation is not well served, but the people in charge are not held accountable. There are problems everywhere, and few of them are being addressed in an effective way,” he said.

O’Reilly said the best example of this is Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced his resignation last week. He has never explained the Fast and Furious scandal and is being ordered to turn over documents; he’s even being held in contempt by Congress. Yet, Holder kept his job, and O’Reilly said it’s because Obama likes him.

O’Reilly remarked that the media and politicians forget that “public servants are supposed to serve the people.” When they don’t, they should resign.

“We need effective problem solvers, not spinners and stonewallers,” he said.

“Every poll says the same thing: Americans are rapidly losing faith in their government, and they should be.”

Watch the memo above.

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