New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) sat down with Martha MacCallum this morning, criticizing President Obama for appearing to shift the blame on the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

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Christie called out the president for saying Sunday night on "60 Minutes" that U.S. intelligence acknowledged that they underestimated the threat from ISIS.

Christie said that remark, which has led to some pushback from the intelligence community, is another example of a lack of accountability from the president.

"Who's 'they,' Mr. President? It's you. It's your administration. You need to be accountable for that," said Christie, adding that people get "nervous" when they see the president not take accountability for the "current world situation."

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"When you're the leader, you're accountable and he needs to be accountable for that. I think that will help to calm people. Then he needs to come out with a firm, strong plan about how we intend to deal with this and how he intends to bring a coalition of people around the world together to deal with it," said Christie, describing it as "nerve-racking" for Americans to feel that they're a target for attacks.

His announcement on a 2016 presidential run is expected after the New Year. He was asked by Martha whether he has any regrets about passing on a run in 2012.

"No regrets. Never had a second thought about it. I think Mitt Romney was the best person to run in 2012," he said.

Watch the full sit-down above in which Gov. Christie speaks about a tragedy in his own life that inspired him to raise awareness about drug addiction.

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