Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) sat down with Bill Hemmer this morning, expressing concern that President Obama's policies could lead to even more conflict down the road.

She said Bill O'Reilly was correct when he said last night that Obama has a "passive approach" to combating jihad.

Hemmer noted that the countries supporting the U.S. military strikes against ISIS, seem like the "coalition of the slightly willing," saying Australia only sent two unarmed planes to help with strikes on ISIS in Iraq.

Bachmann described the current efforts as "kabuki theater, rather than war," arguing that the president doesn't want to fight a war.

"It's almost as though he thinks war is obsolete and war is passé in the 21st century. He sees this as a law enforcement effort akin to breaking and entering. That isn't what it is. This is not only embarrassing, this is tragic with tragic consequences. This could be laying the groundwork for the beginnings of a World War III. That's a dramatic thing to say and I don't want it to be, but when you have bad guys with bad intentions, you have to stop them immediately," she said.

Watch her full analysis above.